E36 Floor Mount Shifter

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Introducing to you the latest E36 Floor mount shifter

Designed for a short, sharp, precise shift feeling

These shifters feature an adjustable throw from factory throw down to 15mm giving you the ability to adjust it for your application and liking.

The BMspeedshop shift units are made from high quality 6061 aluminum and 304 stainless featuring silver anodized aluminum components to prevent corrosion.

With adjustability of the base plate back and forward there is the ability to have control over the neutral location of the shifter. The BMspeedshop shift unit accommodates the use of the factory mounting locations of the automatic shifter unit allowing an easy install with no drilling or modification required with the option to use the OEM thread inserts (if your chassis has them) or the mounting bolts that we supply.


    • Solid aluminum and stainless-steel construction
    • Simple non-complex design
    • precision spherical bearing pivot point
    • No permanent modifications required for install!
    • Multiple shift stalk heights available (OEM, +50mm, +100mm)
    • Multiple Shift knobs lengths available
    • OEM style slot rod for compatibility with BMW OEM shift knobs 

 This shifter eliminates the OEM aluminum shift carrier, eliminating the large amount of slop and free play that is found in the OEM setup because of plastic and rubber bushes. It is also recommended to replace the selector joint on the back of your gearbox when installing this shifter to eliminate any excess movement.

Photos installed in the racecar are of the +50mm shift rod accompanied by the 90mm shift knob


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