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Fresh off the design boards we are bringing to you our very own DSSR after numerous requests! 

Our DSSR is designed to redistribute the torsional forces of the shifter from the factory pin/bushing to the entire side face of both the selector joint and shift lever. These DSSR linkages are manufactured to tight tolerances to eliminate as much free play within the selector rod mechanisms as possible which leads to smoother and more precise shifting capability.

Our DSSR's are made from 6060-T6 aluminuim.

Available in standard lengths or custom lengths upon request.

Standard lengths available are:


  • 198mm (bent) - E36 6 cylinder with ZF 5 speed gearboxes Replacing 25117523847

  • 184mm (straight)  - E36 6 cylinder with 5 speed getrag gearboxes (220/250). Replacing 25111222664

  • 204mm (bent end) - E36 4 cylinder with Getrag 5 speed boxes (220/250). Replacing 25111222203

Please note: All these lengths are for 1994 onwards utilizing the BMW shift pivot 25111222688. This is the "short" pivot joint without inbuilt washers and is required for the linkages to work. These pivot joints are available HERE.